About this app

This easy to use app helps you monitor your dog’s sleeping respiratory rate (SRR).

Changes in the SRR can be an indication that medication may need to be altered or further examinations performed. Your vet will have let you know what the ideal rate for your dog should be.

To accurately count your dog’s sleeping respiratory rate (SRR), observe the chest movement of your pet when in deep sleep at home for 30 seconds and tap the app to log each breath. One movement up and down equals one breath. Following the 30 seconds, the app will display a sleeping respiratory rate in breaths per minute, for you to log on your tracker.

  • Try to take the measurement when the temperature is normal for the home environment
  • Do not take a measurement if your dog appears to be ‘dreaming’ (making leg movements or twitching), soon after exercise, or if they are panting

As well as the actual number of breaths per minute at any one time, changes can be important. Large changes from what is normal for your dog, or gradually increasing (or decreasing) numbers of breaths per minute may be signs that an alteration in the management is needed.

Download our sleeping respiratory rate tracker to record and monitor your dog’s SRR.