How to use the App

To record your dog’s sleeping respiratory rate, tap the heart icon on each breath whilst sleeping.

Helpful Tips

Keeping a log of the sleeping respiratory rate will help you and your vet to notice any changes, which can be an indication that medication may need to be altered or further examinations performed.

To accurately count your dog’s sleeping respiratory rate (SRR), observe the chest movement of your pet when in deep sleep at home for 30 seconds. One movement up and down equals one breath.

  • Each time you observe a breath, tap the heart icon to log this in the app.
  • The app will countdown for 30 seconds before displaying your dog’s SRR in breaths per minute. You can click ‘Start Again’ to restart the count at any point.
  • Try to take the measurement when the temperature is normal for the home environment.
  • Do not take a measurement if your dog appears to be ‘dreaming’ (making leg movements or twitching), soon after exercise, or if they are panting.

Download and print your SRR record tracker to help record your dog’s sleeping respiratory rate.